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mercado de extensões de cabelo humano na china

There are only slight differences among the various kinds of hair in the market, however, with different percentages of raw materials, there are usually tens of ranges of prices which may kill you.


Firstly, from the very raw materials origins, different countries, such as India, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Burma & bangladesh, etc.. As the raw materials are different, prices varies from high to low as well. If anyone uses cheaper materials, its honestly not easy to tell.


Secondly, prices are affected by the ratio of the accurate inch of the hair. Normally, it matches better with a 16/18/20 inch of hair to make an install. However, Therere many triicks, too. For different raios, lets say for an 18 inch bundle, the price difference between the one with 10% of 18 inch hair & the other with 20% of 18 inch hair is quite a lot. Not to say there could be more than a thousand ratios for this.


Thirdly, is it real virgin hair & from one donor, or is there any mixed of animal hair or synthetic one? What percentage they mix them within? None of us have any idea if we do not have any facility to do tests on it. For example, if they mixed 20% of the animal hair in a 100 g bundle, you wouldnt notice a thing.


Whats more, there is no such kind of standard to define the quality of hair in the market. Lots of vendors are overpricing their low cheap quality hair and sell to their customers, others are selling pretty cheap, but of course theyre making money, which all these have now messed up with the whole market. Most ppl dont have any idea to distinguish the differences between good & poor quality hair, so theyre always being misled by the price difference & have no clue to locate a trust-worthy vendor. Aliexpress has announced that theyre going to shut down 1440 stores that sell cheap hair in 2017, only trust-worthy vendors, which is only like 5% will remain. In the meantime, they have also posted out new requirements for hair vendors, only the best vendors will be able to get in and sell. New vendors are not allowed any more, verification, permission & trademark for aliexpress will all be criterion for vendors who want to stay selling.


Ali Queen has always been insisting on using the best raw materials, all of our products are made from authentic human hair without any animal hair or synthetic hair.  Although there could be thousands of ratios for hair bundles, the ratios of Ali Queen Hair bundles are always about 3 difference inches, and ratio of the longest inch in the bundle is about 70%, even for long inches bundles. Many customers have been asking for the same thing,  Why is your hair so much expensive compared with the other vendors? The answer is that we insist on offering the best quality, people may go elsewhere for cheaper, but we always believe that good products help us go farther & stay on top!