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Question 2: Are You Sure You Know The Tricks to Tell the Different Qualities of Hair?

After the raw materials are collected and sent to our factory, there is a series of procedures during manufacture before the hair is sent to us.

The hair bundles selling in the market right is about 100g per bundle, as different donors have different volume of hair, for some who have more volume of hair, her donation will be able to made into two bundles or more; However, for others they may only have enough hair for one bundle. So the possibility for one donor to make exactly into one bundle of hair is merely impossible, and you can figure out that for some quality of hair it is combined with different donors.

The hair from one donor has more of a natural look, the color and texture is exactly the same, while the hair from combined donors would feel a little different, though its still good. And the second conclusion we have here is whether it is from one single donor or combined donors.

Hair grows on ones head continuously, as new hair grows too, so its inevitably for the bundles to be within longer and shorter strands, which makes its layers look more natural. So as to maintain the natural look of the bundles, during manufacture, the factory will not pick out short pieces in the bundle but to make them together as one.

The price of hair bundles depends on the percentage of longer inch hair in it, the more, the higher. Many of our customers used to tell us the hair they ordered from elsewhere before were with bigger weft heads and ours are smaller. Lets say for two bundles of 100g hair, the one with bigger weft head can only mean it has a lot more short pieces, so when it goes down, the ends will be extremely thin. As the cost of short hair is a lot less than longer inches, this will help you understand why their prices are lower. The thing is that our bundles are with about 70% of longer inches strands, it does look smaller, but the truth is the cost is much higher. This is why many clients would keep asking us why your bundles look smaller but the prices are higher.